Freshman English (FE) is a required course for all the University’s undergraduate students except those of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures (DFLL). FE is a 4-credit course (2-credit at first semester and the other 2-credit at second semester), and students should complete total 4-credit course before graduation.

Freshman English Credits Waiver and Transference
Students who meet any of the following standards could apply for waiving the Freshman English credits. (Excluding DFLL students)
1.    TOEFL IBT overall scores above 78.
2.    IELTS score bands above 6.
3.    Cambridge Certificate above FCE level.
4.    TOEIC overall scores above 785. 
5.    GEPT High-Intermediate level (passed 2nd stage) above.
6.    Those who had been to English-speaking countries for studying for at least two years in the last three years, equip with certification/related document which is accredited by the Department offered the course. (Please provide the related documents when applying)

How to apply?
Please bring your Student ID, application form, and the original transcript of your English proficiency test or related documents of studying in English-speaking countries to Language Center (@Wan Nian Building, R508) during office hours.

When to apply?
Sep 4th~ Sep15th, 2023. (Only students who admitted to the University in the first semester of Academic Year 112 can apply.)

(1) Applications for course credit waiver by transfer students or newly accepted students shall be completed upon enrollment in the first semester of the first academic year.
(2) The waving credits shall count towards totals credits for graduation and no additional courses will be required.

How to add to Freshman English course?
Freshman English is a group teaching course according to students’ English Proficiency. Students who do not meet the standards for Freshman English credits wavier are required to take the Freshman English Placement Assessment given by the Language Center during the first week of each semester. The Center will use the assessment to place the students into a course at an appropriate level. Student need to go to Language Center to enroll in the course.

The Freshman English Placement Assessment is hold 1 time only during the first week of each semester. Please register online during the required period:
Registration duration:Aug 28th~ Aug 31st, 2023.  

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us: